Stage Design

"Erendira" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez staged in Russian State Academic Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater in 2014


Artistic Director: Andrey Moguchy

Director: Fedor Lavrov

Designer: Stanislav Grozdilov


Russian State Academic Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater is one of the biggest drama theaters in Russia representing the great traditions of the Russian dramatic art. Development of the production was going on in a difficult period for the theater with the main stage being under reconstruction.


The idea behind the design is based on the tradition of retablos, home altars, in Latin America. 

The production reveals a scary beauty of a natural act, and this beauty surrounds us inspiring awe and disgust. People often act by instincts, without giving thought to what they do, being fully convinced in doing the right thing. This is where we come close to the world of animals - the world where a beauty of a natural act justifies any deeds, where there is no good or evil. In this world only personal experience matters, as well as, if you are lucky enough, a subsequent transformation.

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